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...With out the Karbo, I truly believe Bunny would not be here with us.
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...I wouldn't have a litter of puppies with out Karbo Essentials!
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" I am forever indebted to that homeopath and certified ETT practitioner for turning me on to Karbo Combo, Irish has turned into an AMAZING horse and I am blessed to have him."
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The Importance of Animal Supplements

Animals, like humans can benefit greatly by the use of supplements.

Livestock supplements are used in many different situations, not just as a preventive, but to help your animals fight off current disease challenges.

For example the right supplement can be a tremendous aid against EPM and strangles by increasing blood flow, tying up toxins and latching onto viruses and protozoa.

Dog breeders are having tremendous success fighting off coccidia, giardia and round worm with the use of the supplement Karbo Essentials.

Whether by strengthening the immune system to fight off viruses and disease, or to help increase fertility rates, supplements can be a great value. A maintenance dose of supplements can run as little as $0.75/day and can be a much better use of your money then costly veterinarian bills, or worse the loss of your animal from disease.

Our name, The Karbo Store, comes from the supplement Karbo Flour.

Karbo Flour (also available in a pellet form) is a product that was developed by Dr. Russell Smith DVM   years ago and is the basis for our most powerful supplement Karbo Combo.

The Karbo formula is actually very simple yet amazingly powerful. It's main active ingredients is a type of sugar (no I am not kidding) called "Mannan" and works by attaching to virus and bacteria in the animals body. To be more accurate, the bacteria attach to the sugars in Karbo and don't let go. They are then carried out of the animals body in the manure.

Simple, yet amazingly effective!

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[begin excerpt] ... I continue him on Karbo Combo to this day he his still on maintenance, 1 time per day. Everyone, even my vet was surprised that he did not end up lame. My trimmer states his feet are in the best shape ever.

By June 1st, 2 months after the beginning of laminits , Icky (Ichobod) went on a 7 day trail ride- 4-5 hours of riding each day, in the Tennessee Hills.

His fun, out going personality was back- HE FELT GOOD.
Over the summer he went from 1195 lbs to 950 lb.

... Icky is now 7 years old, an awesome trail horse which I hope to enjoy for many more years.

THANK YOU Karbo Combo!!!
Cathy C.

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