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Below are some letters and feedback we have gotten. Some are letters that have been send to us. Others have been taken from forums or e-mails. Testemonials that include a picture are entered into a drawing to win a free 5 pound pail of Karbo Combo TM or Karbo Essentials TM. If you have a story to share, email us at We would love to hear from you.

Ichabod- 6 year old- TWH/FxT gelding.

In the spring of 2012 lush green pastures led to being a little overweight and a crusty neck. Summer time trail rides did not take any of the weight off. By fall we were in a drought, all other horses were in good shape and we were feeding hay to keep weight on them, except for icky, he was getting thicker. He was on 1/2 cup of grain and hay only. During this time I continued to ride him at least 2 days per week, some times more, to try to get the weight off. My daughter and I had even made the comment that he seemed depressed. Trail rides seemed to be torture for him. His weight was over 1100 lbs at 15 hands.

Come March 2013 I received a call from my barefoot horse trimmer that something was up with Icky and he was concerned Icky had the beginning of laminitis. He was tender footed and changes were noticed in his hooves. He seemed to be on a downhill spiral. WOW- I was starting to have concerns, but that was my wakeup call.

My trimmer recommended I try Karbo combo. I immediately ordered it and started feeding 2 times per day for a good 6 weeks. He started looking and acting better within 2 weeks, being just on Karbo combo. (During this time I had blood work done where he was diagnosed Insulin resistant and low thyroid. This all took time to diagnose, actually 1 month after the start of Karbo combo). Low dose thyroid medication was added and continued Karbo combo.

I continue him on Karbo Combo to this day he his still on maintenance, 1 time per day. Everyone, even my vet was surprised that he did not end up lame. My trimmer states his feet are in the best shape ever.

By June 1st, 2 months after the beginning of laminits , Icky went on a 7 day trail ride- 4-5 hours of riding each day, in the Tennessee Hills.

His fun, out going personality was back- HE FELT GOOD.
Over the summer he went from 1195 lbs to 950 lb.

** note- the 2nd week of December, Icky broke into a stall and ate 1 entire bag of Grain. I could not determine the amount he ate... Just an empty bag, with a 8 inch hole, grain had meet scattered throughout the barn, most was gone. With Icky's history, it hit him hard. Icky looked like crap, head down and miserable. I worked him 15 min in a round pen which brought him to head to hoof sweat. I immediately started on 1 1/2 scoop of Karbo combo two times per day, for 1 week, then continued daily. Within 3 days he was looking better, 6 weeks later no residual effect.
Icky is now 7 years old, an awesome trail horse which I hope to enjoy for many more years.

THANK YOU Karbo Combo!!!
Cathy C.


My name is Shannon. I have a horse named Squirrel. Squirrel is a 9 year old quarter horse.

She is a very nervous mare and is very prone to colic. Squirrel colic’s about once a month. She would colic if the weather got hot, if the weather got cold, if we traveled, pretty much anything could set her off to colic. She also just never “looked” healthy.

I had been battling this for the 2 years I had owned her when a friend who uses Karbo Combo told me about it. She gave me some to try. She had great results with it and wanted me to give it a try.

It worked!

We could travel without the fear of Colic. Anytime we went to a show before I always had to make sure to have medication, a local vet’s number and I would have to check her several times during the night in case my mare tried to colic. We have successfully been able to travel now for about a year with not one episode of colic.

Her coat is shinier and healthier. She is in just better overall condition. She takes 1 scoop a day in her feed. I was not a believer until I saw it with my own eyes.

Shannon Kyle-Wilcox

Sheza Super Flit, AKA Bunny

We bought Sheza Super Flit, AKA Bunny in August of 2009. She was a 3 y/o that we were going to have trained for barrels for my 9 y/o daughter. We had her 2 weeks when one day we went out to get her out of the stall to brush her and let Baleigh spend time with her. She could barely walk. I called the vet out and after several expensive tests she was diagnosed with EPM.

Having spent every penny I had to buy this horse I was at the end of my road and refused to take the horse back because she had passed the vet check. Our chiropractor, told us about Karbo Combo. I called and ordered it. Before it arrived we had another crisis arise. Bunny came down with Strangles, that had been picked up at the vets office.

The Karbo came in but Bunny would not eat to take it. We put the dosage in a plunger syringe and mixed it with water to make a paste, put it in her mouth and made her swallow it. Bunny had lost about 150 lbs and I was not sure she would make it.

After 4 days she began eating and drinking again. After 8 months of being on the Karbo, and not another symptom of EPM, it was time for Baleigh to actually run Bunny at a barrel race.

The very first time she run her, she finished in the 1D, 13th out of 99 horses. 3 months later they went to Glen Rose Texas for the Destry's Free 4 All show. Team B, as we call them, finished 39th out of 1200 open horses (including quite a few NFR horses and riders) and 3rd in youth and 3rd in young horse incentives. We continue to haul and Team B has won 2 saddles, several buckles, and even won a few local shows and placed in top 5 in several others. With out the Karbo, I truly believe Bunny would not be here with us.

Thank you so much,
T Campbell


I wouldn't have a litter of puppies with out Karbo Essentials! My puppies are healthier, no Coccidia or Giardia.... I'm very happy and tell other breeders about it. Thank you for a wonderful product. Bonnie St.John

SUper Size Me

January 25, 2009

Super Size Me, who was aptly named after being treated with Karbo Combo, (barn name Irish) was purchased in 1/05 and 30 days after a clear vetting he came out of the stall crippled from the hind and needed to be forced to walk. Assumed it was EPM, however, he never responded to ANY known conventional treatments for it. I thought it was lymes but the vet thought not, he assumed it was herpes as that was when it first broke out in PA. Irish went to Midatlantic Equine twice with no results. He started appearing increasingly neurologic, not knowing where his feet where and spot sweating. He then became mysteriously better, but only for transient periods and could not stay sound long-term in work.

During all this he was getting 3 square meals a day and loosing weight and muscle fast. I took him out of training and brought him to my barn where he could live out 24/7 on excellent pasture....where even the most aged equine flourished .....except for him. It took 20 minutes to walk him 25 yards from the pasture to the barn and with multiple breaks in between, he could not walk straight up or down hills nor back up & appeared increasingly neurologic again. I couldn't take him in a trailer to a specialist as he couldn't even turn on the crossties without his knees buckling. He had not been able to track up correctly for 8 months and could not be lunged. It was suggested to me to pull his shoes, take him back to basics on 24/7 turnout and if in a month he didn't respond, maybe the new vet would treat him with Doxcycline. He began to have trouble getting up after he rolled and I knew I was faced with a quality of life issue and have to make a tough decision soon. He coincidentally got an abscess underneath a scrape on his hock and as soon as he was treated with 15 days of antibiotics he went 95% sound? Looks like my lymes disease theory was right, so I convinced the vet to give me enough Doxycycline to treat him for 2 months. He went 99% sound but was still looking anorexic and would have periods of lameness that no flex test or nerve blocking could pinpoint.

I met a homeopath out hunting, that while treating him with Equine TouchT suggested that I immediately detox him with Karbo Combo. I already was skeptical of homeopathy and the ETT, I thought it's this or euthanization, at least I can say that I tried everything and sleep at night. After not even a full month of using Karbo Combo, he blossomed! He kept the weight on, despite seasonal changes, his feet improved, his coat & mane improved (he never got a winter coat and his mane needed a relaxer) and he went SOUND! I am forever indebted to that homeopath and certified ETT practitioner for turning me on to Karbo Combo, Irish has turned into an AMAZING horse and I am blessed to have him. He went from not being able to step over a cavaletti w/o stopping/tripping or jump a small log without stopping and falling to rocking down to a 4ft fence no problem as evidenced in the last photo. After being treated with Karbo Combo for a year regularly, I took him to a local ex-Olympian where he tackled 3'6" oxers with 3' spreads, and the professional was extremely pleased with his performance (a man a few words and even fewer compliments) and couldn't believe my prior story. Nor that he was bought from toothless, redneck horse dealer, literally, who could barely count the money I brought him as he was performing at the level of the 7 figure horses around him. He has has gone on to successfully show and foxhunt with Riverhills Foxhounds in Southeastern PA and is the gentlest giant with the most fabulous movement anyone could ask for. He is the barn favorite, the favorite period, everywhere he goes. Karbo Combo literally made the difference between life and death, THANK YOU.


Josephine S.

January 2006 Summer 2007 June 2008

October 24, 2008

I learned about Karbo Combo from an article that was written by a vet discussing the things that it worked on. I have had a horse that for over 2 years he has shaken his head and progressively gotten worse. At the end, he was shaking it so bad that if you were riding him, you felt like he might flip. The horse lost all ability to focus. He was a gift to my daughter from her grandfather. All of his brothers have been nice barrel horses. We didn't want to give up on him.

We had done the equine dentist treatment, the chiropractor, changed bits and headstalls. We contacted vets and discussed the symptoms. They had not ever heard of a problem like this. We finally had X-rays taken of his ears. They showed inflammation around the base of the ear. This really confused the vets.

I received the article about Karbo Combo and called the veterinarian listed in the article. He suggested that the ear problems could be caused by protozoa that were eating the lining around the nerves and they were essentially exposed. This was causing the inflammation.

We fed it for two weeks and began seeing an improvement. My husband could even tell when he was watching the horse as I rode him that he was traveling more comfortably and not shaking his head. It has been an absolute miracle.

We have had him on it 10 weeks now. He is now running 2D barrel times against some of Texas toughest competition and does not shake his head at all. Karbo Combo saved this horse from being sold in a weekly auction. We were about to give up. I am so excited and have told others about this product. It has so much merit. Thanks for selling such a great product. I am a believer.

Sincerely yours,
Laurie C.

I am an industrial microbiologist working in the field of water treatment. My company provides specialty bacterial cultures to help industrial and municipal plants biodegrade contaminates in their water before they discharge it to a receiving stream. Pollutants for us are generally food for my "bugs."

I mention this because when my barn manager came back from some conference in the South a couple of years ago and told me about this product she'd learned about, I was quite skeptical (having Masters Degrees in both biology and chemistry and hence being a big shot expert on the subject).

But I decided to try the Karbo-Combo because, first, I really trust my barn manager when it comes to horse care, and secondly, my main horse (a Hanoverian) was older and, despite being very fit, was difficult to keep weight on. He would eat unenthusiastically and only rarely finish all his feed (getting fed twice a day). I can tell you honestly that since I put him on Karbo-Combo two or three years ago, he failed to finish eating not more than a half dozen times and that was generally weather related (because he hated hot weather). Further, he was usually standing at the gate banging on it! We were giving him 1 1/2 scoops per meal (3 scoops per day total). He weighed 1650 pounds!

I believe he lived at least two years longer than he would have without the Karbo-Combo, but, more importantly, he was very robust and happy (and obnoxious and obstreperous!) 'til his final day. As I said in an earlier e-mail, I know what his attitude was like on his last day because I rode him that morning. What I haven't mentioned is that he was just shy of 28 years old.

His abrupt exit due to a heart attack was brutal for me, but people at the barn think that it was his final gift. He wanted to spare me the normal, difficult period of decline.

So Galico and I thank you!

All best wishes and thank you again very much.

Bill Coleman

Just had my old stallion collected again to see if the addition of Karbo Combo to his diet has improved his fertility. Previous collections were running around 95 million/ml and 80% progressively motile sperm. Approximately 50ml of gel free produced. Last collection was 128 million/ml, 80% pms and 90ml of gel free produced. This is a substantial and quantifiable improvement."

"Just got back from the vet. No parasites found !!! nothing but healthy puppies !"

"I took my mare to see the vet after she had been on Karbo Combo for one month. The vet was delighted with her progress and recommended that we continue with Karbo Combo."

"My barrel mare and 6 month old filly are on Karbo Combo and were hauled 2400 miles in a trailer in four days, when we arrived neither one of them were sick, lethargic, had fevers, or coliced...My friends came over last night to see my new horses and couldn't believe how good they looked considering the long haul... I said it was all the Karbo Combo! Thanks!


"Our veterinarian commented on seeing a big improvement in the puppies and felt they were stronger and more solid pups and extremely healthy than ever before..."
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