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" ...(have been) using the Powder on our Kittens & Cats and have seen a big improvement in stools and they are eating better, these kittens were sick last month and he lost one at the vets office, ... they have done a full circle just in two weeks on this Powder (Karbo Essentials). They are strong and have no problems and gotten well on this Karbo (Essentials). "

I have 2 ragdoll kittens, and have used the EARCLEAR™, following the enclosed instructions... The product has worked perfectly, and I am more than happy with the results.... I will definitely be buying this from you again as soon as I need to, but it seems to be lasting really well.... A great product, and excellent value for money!!!......Susan

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Products for Cats

Karbo EssentialsTM
The use of Karbo Essentials helps to block the colonization of pathogenic bacteria and viruses before they can take hold providing increased litter size, stronger and more vigorous kittens, little or no coccidia, giardia, round worms (ascarids) or hook worms and fewer digestive upsets. The powder formulation easily mixes with wet or dry food. It also has a profound effect on the immune system. more

EarClear TM
Canker and ear mite treatment

EARCLEAR™ canker and ear mite treatment, is old-fashioned ‘canker’ powder which has been used for many years by pet owners. Just a small amount of EARCLEAR™ dusted around the inner ear kills the ear mites and so removes the cause of the infection. EARCLEAR™ is perfectly safe, and is also recommended for ear mite in dogs and rabbits. more

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