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Karbo Essentials is a special formulation for use with young animals, (foals, calves, puppies etc) and small animals (dogs and cats.) It comes in a powder form.

Pneumonia and diarrhea of the newborn is a common problem. The naive immune system of the young foal (calf, puppy etc) is many times completely overwhelmed by pathogenic viruses, bacteria, toxin and protozoa.

To avoid the devastating damage to the lungs and digestive tract, it is necessary to:

* Avoid Dehydration
* Avoid Severe diarrhea
* Tie up, as far as possible, the pathogenic viruses, bacteria, toxins and protozoa and raft them out of the body.

* Maintain homeostasis of the bowel

To help accomplished the above we recommend the supplement Karbo Essentials orally.

The primary active ingredients in the Karbo formula are "Mannan" and "Glucan" sugars. The Mannan sugars contain oligosaccharides. Many pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and toxins in the GI tract (and throughout the body as a whole) are attracted to and attach onto the Mannan sugars. Once attached to the sugars (oligosaccharides) they become inactive, cannot colonize, and are rafted out of the body.

Karbo Essentials also has encapsulated Natural Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Glyco Components. The encapsulated enzymes play multiple roles in the breakdown of plant and animal feed stuffs.

Adding these enzymes to the animal's feed releases previously unavailable starches, lignins, proteins and minerals. The animal uses these formally missing nutrients to fortify its complex immune system. Karbo Essentials makes the feed more palatable and digestion becomes more complete. More complete digestion decreases the needed amount of feed for body maintenance, so rate of average daily gain is increased.

Karbo Essentials also has a profound effect on the immune system - it increases immune system response - therefore a healthier animal.

What's really happening

Bacteria have lectins (proteins or glycoproteins) on their surface. These lectins recognize specific sugars on the cell wall and allow the bacteria to attach to cells. (Figure A) Figure A

Attachment of bacteria to the intestinal epithelium via lectins
Strong evidence now exists that these pathogens preferentially bind with the mannan oligosaccharides (Karbo Formula) added to the feed, giving greatly reduced attachment to the host cell walls. (Figure B) Because the Karbo Formula is not degraded by digestive enzymes, it passes through the body with the pathogens attached. Figure B

Bacteria are attracted to and attach themselves to the active ingredients in the Karbo Formula

Normal GOOD bacteria in the intestine, and other parts of the body, are NOT bound by the Mannan. Therefore, they generally increase in numbers; promoting better health.

The use of Karbo Essentials will help you to exploit the genetic potential of your livestock by managing the disease assaults on your animals.

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