EPM - Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) is a disease that affects the horse's spinal cord and brain. It is caused by a protozoa which is a parasite that infests several bird species, including cowbirds and grackles. Opossums are the normal host animals, although the parasite must pass through a bird before completing its life cycle in the opossum.

EPM mimics many other neurological conditions. However, the neurological symptoms associated with EPM can include the following:

  • Lameness or weakness
  • A lack of coordination and difficulty in moving
  • A loss of balance
  • Seizures

Current Therapies for Horses with EPM

The use of Karbo ComboTM, (or Karbo PelletsTM WITH Epic II CLTM) has, in field studies, proven very effective in resolving the symptoms of EPM.

The Karbo FormulaTM consists of encapsulated enzymes, vitamins, bacteria and large numbers of mannan and glucan oligosaccharides. In addition, the formula also contains glycocomponents necessary for tying up and neutralizing various toxins.

The objective of Karbo TM Formula is to attach and bind to the surface lectins of pathogenic viruses, bacteria, ptotozoa and toxins, therefore rendering them incapable of colonization and reproduction.

Recommended Feeding Scheduals for Karbo Combo and Karbo Pellets with Epic II CL for horses with EPM are below.

Karbo ComboTM
Karbo Combo is a combination of the Karbo Formula and the Epic II CL formula in one easy to feed pellet form.
Recommended amount of Karbo ComboTM
for horses with EPM:
Animal Weight Amount Frequency
Foals 1/2 ounce AM&PM
400# 1/2 ounce AM&PM
600# 3/4 ounce AM&PM
800# 1 ounce AM&PM
1000# 1 1/2 ounces AM&PM
1500# 2 ounces AM&PM
Follow this schedule for 60 days, then continue feeding at the maintenance level
To figure out how much Karbo you will need click here

Karbo PelletsTM
Epic II CL

Recommended amount of
Karbo PelletsTM and Epic II CLTM
for horses with EPM:
Note: You MUST use them together.
Animal Weight Amount Karbo Amount Epic II CL Frequency
Foals 1/2 ounce 30 cc AM&PM
400# 1/2 ounce 40 cc AM&PM
600# 3/4 ounce 40 cc AM&PM
800# 1 ounce 50 cc AM&PM
1000# 1 1/2 ounces 60 cc AM&PM
1500# 2 ounces 70 cc AM&PM
Follow this schedule for 60 days, then continue feeding at the maintenance level.
To figure out how much Karbo you will need click here

How much do I need?

This chart shows approximately how long a 5 pound pail of Karbo Combo or Karbo Pellets and 1 Gallon of Epic II CL should last you if you follow the recommended feeding guides above.
5 pounds
Karbo Combo
5 pounds
Karbo Pellets
1 Gallon
Epic II CL
Foals80 days 80 days 63 days
400 pound horse80 days 80 days 47 days
600 pound horse 53 days 53 days 47 days
800 pound horse 40 days 40 days 37 days
1000 pound horse 27 days 27 days 31 days
1500 pound horse 20 days 20 days 27 days

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