Giardia in Dogs

Giardia are protozoa (one-celled organisms) that live in the small intestine of dogs and cats. Younger animals are usually affected, and the usual sign is diarrhea. The diarrhea may be acute, intermittent, or chronic. Usually the infected animals will not lose their appetite, but they may lose weight. The feces are often abnormal, being pale, having a bad odor, and appearing greasy. In the intestine, Giardia prevents proper absorption of nutrients, damages the delicate intestinal lining, and interferes with digestion.

As with other parasites of the digestive system, prevention of the spread of Giardia centers on testing and treating infected animals and using sanitary measures to reduce or kill the organisms in the environment. Solutions of Lysol, bleach, and quaternary ammonium compounds are effective against Giardia.

Remember, Giardia of dogs may infect people, so good, personal hygiene should be used by adults when cleaning kennels or picking up the yard, and by children who may play with pets or in potentially contaminated areas.

Karbo Essentials®
We recommend Karbo Essentials® for dogs/puppies who already have giardia as well as in healthy animals to prevent giardia. The primary active ingredients in the Karbo Essentials® are "Mannan" and "Glucan" sugars. The Mannan sugars contain oligosaccharides which protozoa (eg. giardia), bacteria, and viruses in the GI tract (and throughout the body as a whole) are attracted to and attach onto. Once attached to the sugars (oligosaccharides) they become inactive, cannot colonize, and are rafted out of the body.

The Karbo Essentials® must be mixed with MOIST food. If you feed dry dog food, mist the food with water, then add the Karbo Essentials and mix together.

Start all pups on Karbo Essentials® as soon as they start to eat solid food. The TOP CHART lists the total litter weight. For example if there are 5 pups in the litter and they weigh 2 pounds each, the total litter weight is 10 pounds. Add 2 scoops to the total daily amount of food you would give them. Once a puppy reaches 5 pounds you can move to the lower chart.

Some dogs need to slowly build up to the levels listed. When you first begin using Karbo Essentials®, if your dog experiences diarrhea, lower to 1/4 the level listed. Increase the amount you give slowly over 4 weeks.

Supplement on a continuous basis for maximum immune stimulation and disease fighting effect.
Recommended amount for a Litter of Puppies
Puppy Litter Weight Amount of Essentials mixed in daily rations Daily Cost
5 pounds 1 scoop (1/3 tsp) $0.09
10 pounds 2 scoops (2/3 tsp) $0.18
15 pounds 3 scoops (1 tsp) $0.27
Recommended amount for individual Puppy or Dog
Puppy and Adult Weight Amount of Essentials mixed in daily rations Daily Cost
5 pounds 1 scoop (1/3 tsp) $0.09
10 pounds 1 scoop (1/3 tsp) $0.09
25 pounds 2 scoops (2/3 tsp) $0.18
50 pounds 4 scoops (1 1/3 tsp) $0.36
75 pounds 5 scoops (1 2/3 tsp) $0.45

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