Johne's Disease

Herd Application for Johne's Disease

Johne's Disease Control

Johne's disease or Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis usually creeps into a herd through the purchase of infected cattle, even 10 years prior to an out break. It decreases milk production from 5% to 25% according to a study by the National Health Monitoring System (NAHS) entitled "Johne's Disease on US Dairy Operations." This loss can and does take place even though the cardinal signs of diarrhea and weight loss are not apparent.

Recently field studies using Karbo Flour have demonstrated an ability to reverse the effects of Johne's on the bowel of the bovine animals with diarrhea, establish normal stools and begin to gain weight and increase production.

Johne's positive cows treated at least twice at 3 week intervals have not reverted back to the diarrhea stage, but have gained weight and appear thrifty. One draw back is that we do not have a test for Johne's that is much more than 50% accurate in diagnosing the disease. Therefore, at this point in time it is not known if the Johne's organism is eliminated completely or merely set back in its development within the host animal.

Herd Application for Johne's Disease

    Step ONE

  • Administer Karbo Combo to entire milking herd plus dry cows and all heifers that are due to freshen in the next three (3) months.
  • The application period lasts eight (8) days with each animal receiving one (1) ounce of
    Karbo Combo per day.
  • The eight (8) day application period is used because we do not know when the paratuberculosis organism eats. It is a slow growing organism.

  • Step TWO

  • After a three (3) week resting period, repeat Step ONE for another eight (8) days.
  • By this time, you should see improvement in the over-all health of your heard. Johne's Disease organisms (Paratuberculosis) should be set back as well as E.Coli and Salmonella. Because the Karbo Formula is active in the blood stream the above organisms should be kept under control.

  • Step THREE

  • Three (3) months following the last application, the herd is again given the eight (8) day Karbo Formula regime.
  • This procedure is repeated at three (3) month intervals until heard health is at a level where Johne's Disease is hopefully under control.
CAUTION: For animal use only!

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