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1: Should I also give my horse vitamin supplement?
2: How much and how often do I feed Karbo Combo?
3: Treating Colic with Epic II CL
4: How Long Does a 5 pound pail last?
5: Should I also use a probiotic?
6: Should I use Karbo Flour or Karbo Essentials
7: When should I start my puppies on Karbo Essentials.
8: I just started my dog on Karbo and now he has diarrhea!
9: Do you have the Karbo Essentials in Pellet form
10: How long should I use the Essentials? Forever!
11: What are the Syringes for?
12: Which scoop do I use, the big one or the little one?

1: Should I also give my horse vitamin supplement? Top

Karbo Combo is already fortified with vitamins, so any extra vitamins you would give would not be necessary. More importantly however, because of the Encapsulated Enzymes in the formula, the food your horse is eating should be better digested and so more of the natural vitamins are taken up by the animal, and less passes through. Many of our customers find that there livestock will gain weight, with less food, because food is better utilized by the animal.
2: How much and how often do I feed Karbo Combo? Top
The recommended amount will depend on the size of the animal and their current situation. Most of our supplements have a maintenance level and a standard, or Regular level. The Regular level is used during times of stress (traveling), times of high performance demands (pregnancy, training, etc) or disease challenges (founder, heaves, etc.) This level is usually only used for 30 days (60 when dealing with EPM.)

Once your animal is out of those situations, you can use the maintenance level once per day. This will help keep your animal healthy.

For more specifics, click on the type of animal you have using the menu at the left, then click on the Feeding Guide listed under that animal.

Make sure you read the label carefully and follow its recommended feeding schedule.
3: Treating Colic with Epic II CL Top
Colic in Domestic animals is an emergency situation and must be treated quickly to save severely affected individuals.

We recommend Epic II CL be given once an hour when treating Colic. Often, you will only have to give Epic once or twice. Usually by the beginning of the second hour they are up and around. This is going to flush their system out and move toxins out of their body. For more information, click on the type of animal you are interested in and click on the Colic Tab.
4: How Long Does a 5 pound pail last? Top
This chart shows appoximatly how long a 5 pound pail of Karbo Combo should last you if you follow the recommended feeding guides. The Regular schedule is used during periods of stress, disease challenges and high performance demands. Follow the regular schedule for a minimum of 30 days, then move to the maintenance level. (NOTE: Horses diagnosed with EPM should stay on the Regular schedule for 60 days before moving to the maintenance levels.) The Maintenance schedule should be followed on a continuous basis to maintain optimal health.

Regular level Maintenance level
400 pound horse80 days 400 pound horse320 days
600 pound horse53 days 600 pound horse240 days
800 pound horse40 days 800 pound horse160 days
1000 pound horse27 days 1000 pound horse106 days
1500 pound horse20 days 1500 pound horse80 days
5: Should I also use a probiotic? Top
The Karbo Combo includes a probiotic in the formula so giving a separate probiotic is not necessary. If, however, you decide you still want to give a separate probiotic, it will not interfere with the Karbo Combo.
6: Should I use Karbo Flour or Karbo Essentials Top
The Karbo Essentials in a newer product and was designed as a more powerful and more effective version of the Karbo Flour. Many people look at the two products and wonder if the Karbo Essentials is worth the extra money. We believe that it is and we recommend it to all of our customers for canines. Here's why: Karbo Essentials is a combination of two other products developed by Dr. Smith.(Karbo Flour and Epic II CL) Therefore the Karbo Essentials has many ingredients that the original Karbo Flour does not. These added ingredients stimulates the immune system more effectively then the original Karbo Flour . The Karbo Essentials also has the effect of tying up various toxins and dilating blood vessels to help the defense mechanisms of the animal to do a better job in fighting diseases caused by pathogenic viruses, bacteria and toxins. This point of dilating blood vessels is very important and (in my opinion) is the biggest advantage in the Karbo Essentials Formula. A virus is a sub-microscopic particle and therefore it is very easy for virus to hide in the animals body. Because of the effect Karbo Essentials has on blood flow, it is more effective at getting those hard to reach viruses, attaching to them and rafting them out of the animals body. Also, as you compare the two products it is important to look at the "per day" cost. Keeping a 10# dog on the Karbo Essentials breaks down to about 10 cents per day since you only give about 1/3 of a teaspoon a day. All things considered, we think that the Karbo Essentials is a very good value.
7: When should I start my puppies on Karbo Essentials. Top
Start the puppies on the Karbo Essentials as soon as they are able to eat solid food. Ideally, you would already have the mother on Karbo Essentials and so the puppies would be protected through the mother's milk. If you have a new litter of puppies and the mother is not on the Karbo Essentials, start the mother on the Karbo Essentials right away.
8: I just started my dog on Karbo and now he has diarrhea! Top
Some dogs need to slowly build up to the levels listed. When an animal has a lot of bacteria and toxins in the lower gut, diarrhea can occur as the Karbo cleans out the system. The solution is to build them up slowly. Drop to 1/4 the recommended amount and slowly increase the amount you give them over 4 weeks. For example an active 50lb dog would use 4 scoops per day. Lower the level to 1 scoop per day for a week. Then increase to 2 scoops per day for a week, then 3 scoops per day for a week until on the fourth week you are up to the recommended 4 scoops per day. NOTE: Make sure you use the included white scoop and make sure you use flat scoops, not heaping scoops.
9: Do you have the Karbo Essentials in Pellet form Top
For puppies and young animals (under 6 months old) use the Karbo Essentials, once the dog is older, you can switch to the Karbo Combo. However, Please note that only about 1/8 of an ounce is used for dogs. These smaller amounts are VERY DIFFICULT to measure out for dogs. Especially if you have a smaller dog (under 25 pounds.) You may end up counting pellets out for your dog, which means you will probably skip it rather then take the extra time. Almost all of our customers prefer the Karbo Essentials which comes with a small scoop (just for dogs and cats) so it is much easier to use. (TIP: sprinkle water over your dry dog food and then sprinkle the essentials over the top.)
10: How long should I use the Essentials? Forever! Top
Though it may surprise you to hear it, yes, you should keep your canine on the Karbo Essentials through out their life for best results. The reason is that when they are taking it, they will have a level of protection against viral and bacterial attacks. The Karbo Formula is in their blood stream ready to attach to any virus or bacteria that your dog may come into contact with. This is very important, because sometimes, you just don't have time to react. For example, in this article about a Parvo outbreak in in Ohio it says "Some animals died within hours of contracting the highly contagious disease. Others were euthanized based on their poor condition or the risk of their spreading the disease to other animals..." When these things hit, you have to be ready. Parvo is a very fast moving virus. The idea behind the Karbo Essentials is PREVENTION of the problem, not reaction to a problem. (Additonal articles here and here.)
11: What are the Syringes for? Top
At the Karbo Store, we don't include a syringe for dog owners. However if you order from another source, sometimes they include a blunt tipped syringe. The reason is that the Karbo Essentials can also be given to other animals like foals and calves. For these larger animals, you can mix the essentials with milk or yogurt and use the syringe to feed them according to the feeding schedule on the instruction. For canine, the syringe is rarely used.
12: Which scoop do I use, the big one or the little one? Top
At the Karbo store we only send one scoop with your order, the very small white scoop (see picture to the left. (It is about 1/3 of a teaspoon.) However if you order Karbo Essentials from another source, they sometimes send along a second scoop that is much larger. This larger scoop in for use with much larger animals such as colts or calves. The instructions for dogs are for using the small scoop.

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