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The Karbo Essentials formula includes a combination of natural ingredients that has proven very beneficial in stimulating the immune system and providing a healthy gut to ward off attacks by bacteria, protozoa,
toxin, viruses and aflotoxins.
Available in Powder Form Only

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EARCLEAR™ canker and ear mite treatment is old-fashioned ‘canker’ powder which has been used for years by pet owners. EARCLEAR™ kills the ear or anal mite and so removes the cause of the infection. EARCLEAR™ is perfectly safe, and is also recommended for ear mite in dogs and rabbits.

Contains: zinc oxide, talc, lodoform, boric acid.
(Caution,lodoform can stain light colored carpets)

Available in Powder Form Only
Imported from England

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If you are ordering ONLY EarClear, you can use the Priorety Mail option during checkout. It's the bottom option and the cost is a $3.99 to ship upto 5 bottles (and only 6.99 for upto 9.) If you choose this option, make sure you provide an address that the US post office can deliver to. This is the one time where PO boxes are OK. Keep in mind, not only is this option less expensive, your order will usually get to you much MUCH quicker then if you choose the UPS ground option for 7.95. Most states will get there order in 2 or 3 days instead of 4-6 with UPS(6-8 with the weekend.) Plus the post office delivers Saturdays in most areas!

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